[Monetdb-developers] other optimizer pipelines

Wouter Alink wouter.alink at gmail.com
Fri Apr 9 10:12:43 CEST 2010

Dear M5 developers,

Yesterday I reported a bug regarding the minimal optimizer pipe (ID:
2983773). And, as expected, I was asked to add a test for the issue,
which I would like to do.

The bug is triggered as follows:
- start an mserver5 instance with the optimizer pipe set to the
minimal pipe: "inline,remap,deadcode,multiplex"
- connect with an mclient
- connect again with an mclient

This is obviously very easy to reproduce.

But, I couldn't find any other test that sets a different optimizer
upon startup of the mserver. I found a few tests that change the
optimizer within a SQL script, but this will very likely not trigger
bug (ID: 2983773).

Then I was wondering; there are currently a few different optimizer
pipelines defined in the monetdb5.conf. Isn't it a good idea to run at
least a few (preferrably all) tests for each of those optimizer
pipelines? I can imagine that testing all optimizer pipelines will
take too much time for nightly testing, but running the testweb with
different pipelines would probably trigger most obvious bugs that are
currently found one-by-one. Bug #2983773 would most probably have been
detected too.

Anyway, I would like to add a test, and I guess testing multiple
optimizer pipelines won't be high on the priority list. Therefore,
could somebody perhaps point out how I could specify in the 'prologue'
which optimizer pipeline to use? I did find a python file
"sql/src/test/Connections/Tests/connections.py" which perhaps could be
used? What is the preferred way for adding a test with a different
optimizer path?

Kind regards,

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