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Stefan Manegold Stefan.Manegold at cwi.nl
Tue Apr 6 22:25:29 CEST 2010

Dear all,

in an atempt to prevent more confusion, let me try to explain a few things
wrt. compiling & installing MonetDB. Although this might take more than two
sentences, please bear with me, be patient, and read the following
completely and carefully.

In pricinple, there are four ways to install MonetDB:

1) using pre-build binary installers, e.g., .msi files on Windows, RPMs on
   Fedora, and dpkg packages for Debian and Ubuntu;
   cf., http://monetdb.cwi.nl/downloads/ for details;

2) using the "Super Source Tarball" and the "monetdb-install.sh script that
   come with it; cf., http://monetdb.cwi.nl/Download/Packages/ for details;

3) using individual tarballs for all packages, using the usual "configure;
   make; make install" procedure to configure, compile and install each package
   in the proper order;

4) from CVS sources following the detailed instructions under
   http://monetdb.cwi.nl/MonetDB/Documentation/Experts.html .

While alternatives 1 & 4 also work on Windows, alternatives 2 & 3 are only
suitable for unix-like systems.

1) is (supposed to be) the simplest way, and does not require any build
environment (compiler, etc.); however, it obviously does not allow to change
the source locally.

2), 3) & 4) do allow to change the sources locally, and consiquently require
a build environment of different complexity.
(Since 3) is basically the same as 2), only that with 2) the
monetdb-install.sh script takes care of configuring, compiling and
installing the individual packages in the proper order, I'll skip 3) as of
now and focus on 2) & 4).)

2) using the "bootstrapped", extracted and prepared sources in provided by
the Super Source Tarball, hence, it basically requires a compiler to build

4) starts form the "bare" "virgin" source code of MonetDB, and hence,
requires a more complete build environment inclusing the autotools, libtool,
etc., and required to compiler and install our own "buildtools" (autogen,
Mx, etc.) first.

Having said that, in case you want ot modify the MonetDBb source locally,
you need to consider the following:

When using 4), i.e., compiling from the CVS source base, you need to modify
the ".mx" files, as these are the original sources. .c files are
automatically extracted from the .mx files during the build process.

When using 2), i.e., compiling from the Super Source Tarball, you need to
modify the already extracted .c file, NOT the .mx files. The souce
tarball(s) don't provide or require Mx, hence, the .mx are (cannot!) be
considered. The .mx files are included in the tarball(s) merely for

As far as I understand, Puneet uses 2), i.e., the Super Source Tarball;
thus, he needs to modify the .c files.
Please note that you need to modify the .c file in your source directory,
not in your build directory.

In fact, I have never tried to modify the source provide in the Super Source
Tarball, and then recompile MonetDB; however, at a first glance, I see no
obvious reason why that should not work.

What I do not understand what Puneet means with 
after its procedure gets completed i need to install few more things
with the help of synaptic manager, that are as follows:
The Super Source Tarball is complete, and nothing else should be required to
compile and install a working instance of MonetDB.

could you please clearify why you need these extra step, and what a
"synaptic manager" is?
I suspect that installing a possibly unmodified "libmonetdb1" might
overwrite the changes you made in GDK ...

Hope this clearifies some things and helps you further.


On Tue, Apr 06, 2010 at 09:04:16PM +0200, Lefteris wrote:
> Hi,
> you need to re-compile monetdb before you install it again. You are changing
> the source code so you need to recompile. Make sure you are changing the mx
> files too. Finally, if you are putting the synaptic manager then basically
> you are overwriting the executable's with the ones provided by teh synaptic
> manager, thus you dont use the edited ones.
> lefteris
> On Tue, Apr 6, 2010 at 8:28 PM, Puneet Birwa <puneetbirwa at yahoo.co.in>wrote:
> > hello,
> >          I am using ALGODEBUG THRprintf for printing & updating the
> > MonetDB/MonetDB/src/gdk/gdk_relop.mx file but then also after installing
> > monetdb I am unable to find any change in the output when I run monetdb in
> > debug mode = 2097152.
> > I have source code of monetDB & a script named as monetdb-install.sh
> > I firstly run this script as ./monetdb-install.sh --enable-xquery.
> >
> > after its procedure gets completed i need to install few more things with
> > the help of synaptic manager, that are as follows:
> > 1) libmonetdb4-xquery0
> > 2) monetdb4-server
> > 3) monetdb5-sever
> > 4) libmonetdb4-server4
> > 5) libmonetdb5-sever5
> > 6) libmonetdb-client1
> > 7) libmonetdb1
> > 8) monetdb-client
> > 9) monetdb-xquery
> >
> > Previously i was trying to use ecllipse c/c++ version to run monetdb but i
> > wasn't able to find the way of doing so. thats the reason I m doing the
> > change in the source code & installing it again .
> > But now also I cann't see the changes which I m making in source code .
> > plz if anyone can tell me that why is it not working correctly & how can I
> > make it work correctly.
> >
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