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you need to re-compile monetdb before you install it again. You are changing
the source code so you need to recompile. Make sure you are changing the mx
files too. Finally, if you are putting the synaptic manager then basically
you are overwriting the executable's with the ones provided by teh synaptic
manager, thus you dont use the edited ones.


On Tue, Apr 6, 2010 at 8:28 PM, Puneet Birwa <puneetbirwa at yahoo.co.in>wrote:

> hello,
>          I am using ALGODEBUG THRprintf for printing & updating the
> MonetDB/MonetDB/src/gdk/gdk_relop.mx file but then also after installing
> monetdb I am unable to find any change in the output when I run monetdb in
> debug mode = 2097152.
> I have source code of monetDB & a script named as monetdb-install.sh
> I firstly run this script as ./monetdb-install.sh --enable-xquery.
> after its procedure gets completed i need to install few more things with
> the help of synaptic manager, that are as follows:
> 1) libmonetdb4-xquery0
> 2) monetdb4-server
> 3) monetdb5-sever
> 4) libmonetdb4-server4
> 5) libmonetdb5-sever5
> 6) libmonetdb-client1
> 7) libmonetdb1
> 8) monetdb-client
> 9) monetdb-xquery
> Previously i was trying to use ecllipse c/c++ version to run monetdb but i
> wasn't able to find the way of doing so. thats the reason I m doing the
> change in the source code & installing it again .
> But now also I cann't see the changes which I m making in source code .
> plz if anyone can tell me that why is it not working correctly & how can I
> make it work correctly.
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