[Monetdb-developers] dealing with 1G XML file in MonetDB/XQuery

Mo Zhou mozhou at umail.iu.edu
Thu Apr 1 22:49:22 CEST 2010


When I load a 1G XML file to MonetDB/XQuery, it throws exceptions as
follows. I did not find related parameters in the monetDB config file
to enlarge the heap size. I wonder how I can solve this problem? Thank

#GDKmmap(1073741824) fails, try to free up space [memory in
use=156511940,virtual memory in use=1309212672]
#GDKmmap(1073741824) result [mem=156511940,vm=1309212672]
MAPI  = mozhou at localhost:40000
QUERY = pf:add-doc("/.../new1GL1Comp/xmldoc3.xml","1GL1doc3")
ERROR = !ERROR: [shred_url]: 1 times inserted nil due to errors at tuples 0 at 0.
        !ERROR: [shred_url]: first error was:
        !ERROR: HEAPextend: failed to extend to 1073741824 for 03/02/30243theap
        !ERROR: shredBAT_append_str:
BUNappend fails
        !ERROR: CMDshred_url: operation failed.


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