[Monetdb-developers] MonetDB/XQuery on Ruby with DataMapper

Tinco Andringa mail at tinco.nl
Mon Nov 30 18:15:03 CET 2009

Darn, just when I decided to announce my port of the monetdb-ruby-sql
gem to xquery, you release a fix of your own :P Anyway it's here:


There's still some differences between the official one and mine, I
think mine handles errors a bit more gracefully, but it could be I
missed something. I will look at the other changes as soon as possible
to see if mine has any odd behaviour.

In the following weeks I will be working on making XQuery and MonetDB
work on DataMapper (since DataMapper is a nicer framework than
ActiveRecord, and also ActiveRecord depends heavily on SQL) If anyone
has any comments on this or any questions or would like to help out
then please let me hear. I plan on putting the datamapper
implementation on github too somewhere this week.

Kind regards,
Tinco Andringa

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