[Monetdb-developers] mclient mem-usage during --dump

Wouter Alink wouter.alink at gmail.com
Mon May 25 13:09:57 CEST 2009


Question: is there any reason for mclient to use (large) amounts of
memory during a dump of a sql database?

syntax used:
$ mclient -lsql -D -dsomedatabase > dump.sql

I observe >12 GB of resident memory use when dumping a 2GB (in dump
text format) database (it steadily grows), using the May2009 stable
branch (of last week)

Top shows:
28371 walink    16   0 12.2g  12g 2944 R   87  4.0  10:48.58 mclient

I haven't investigated it any further, but I was first of all
wondering whether it actually needs these amounts of memory?


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