[Monetdb-developers] Suggestion to ditch SHA-1, and embrace SHA-2

Stefan de Konink stefan at konink.de
Sun May 10 12:51:23 CEST 2009

Roberto Cornacchia wrote:
> 2. The restore is almost unusable for large databases, as it is
> extremely slow. I suspect the main reasons being:
> - COPY INTO .. FROM STDIN (used in the dump) is much much slower than
> copying from a file, regardless of whether the number or record to copy
> is given or not.

It seems that a configuration option added to msqldump to 'split' output 
  could just fix that.

> - Column constraints, as primary key, not null, etc, are issued upon
> table creation, before the COPY INTO, rather than being postponed with
> an ALTER TABLE after the copy (FOREIGN KEYS are instead postponed to the
> end of the script).

I am looking at this now I agree with you that this could help a lot. 
Will need to move some stuff around because of the -D option that (imho) 
should inline everything.


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