[Monetdb-developers] Suggestion to ditch SHA-1, and embrace SHA-2

Roberto Cornacchia R.Cornacchia at cwi.nl
Sat May 9 13:54:10 CEST 2009

> No. the options for the DBA should be kept to a minimum.
> Go for the solution that will work for the next few years.
> Trunk users at some point should migrate through dump/restore,
> which can be used for passwords refresh requirements as well.

Be careful with relying on dump/restore.

1. The dump is correct only if you do it as user monetdb, but not if you
do it as a normal user (see bug #2782202)

2. The restore is almost unusable for large databases, as it is
extremely slow. I suspect the main reasons being:
- COPY INTO .. FROM STDIN (used in the dump) is much much slower than
copying from a file, regardless of whether the number or record to copy
is given or not.
- Column constraints, as primary key, not null, etc, are issued upon
table creation, before the COPY INTO, rather than being postponed with
an ALTER TABLE after the copy (FOREIGN KEYS are instead postponed to the
end of the script).

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