[Monetdb-developers] problems with starting the monetDB4 xquery server

Mtekel thx at trolej.sk
Mon Jun 1 10:55:45 CEST 2009


I have problems starting the monetDB xquery server under windowsXP sp3. When
I click on the link in the start menu, dos window appears but then it closes
immediatelly and I can't see what's there (after pausing I can see only the
first 6 lines of the program output as described below, then after unpausing
it immediatelly quits and closes the window). If I run MXQserver.bat, or
Mserver.bat --dbinit="module(pathfinder);" I get only this:

# MonetDB Server v4.28.4
# based on GDK   v1.28.4
# Copyright (c) 1993-July 2008, CWI. All rights reserved.
# Copyright (c) August 2008-2009, MonetDB B.V.. All rights reserved.
# Compiled for i686-pc-win32/32bit with 32bit OIDs; dynamically linked.
# Visit http://monetdb.cwi.nl/ for further information.
# PF/Tijah module v0.9.0 loaded. http://dbappl.cs.utwente.nl/pftijah

That's all. The server immediatelly ends. However If I run only Mserver.bat,
the server "runs" - I get the prompt, but for example I can't connect to the
web interface on the port 50000.

Does anyone have any advice what to do? How to make it work?
Any advice appreciated,

Best regards


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