[Monetdb-developers] Is monetDB nativeXML or not?

Mtekel thx at trolej.sk
Fri Jul 10 09:05:33 CEST 2009


I have a question, whether MonetDB/XQuery is native XML database or not.
To clarify what is native or not, http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/XML_database
: "

Two major classes of XML database exist:
XML-enabled: these map all XML to a traditional database (such as a
relational database), accepting XML as input and rendering XML as output.
This term implies that the database does the conversion itself (as opposed
to relying on middleware).
Native XML (NXD): the internal model of such databases depends on XML and
uses XML documents as the fundamental unit of storage, which are, however,
not necessarily stored in the form of text files.


Then according to this page, monetDB is native XML:

2 MonetDB Features

MonetDB is database engine geared at high performance on systems with
(complex) queries that have to analyze large amounts of data (i.e. OLAP, not
OLTP). The features in which it most differs from other DBMSs are summarized
Independence of SQL: 

MonetDB has a front-end/back-end design allowing the storage of more than
just relational tables (such as object-oriented or native XML data), and
allowing the use of querying paradigms other than just SQL (such as OQL and


Whereas according to this one, it is not:
ts-vs-Document-Collections.html#Separate-Documents-vs-Document-Collections :
" Storage Overhead

In MonetDB/XQuery all XML is stored in relational tables.

Is then monetDB really native?

Thanks in advance for clarification...


M. Tekel

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