[Monetdb-developers] Re : mclient running out of memory, crashing mserver5

sylver_b sylver_b at yahoo.com
Wed Jan 21 11:07:04 CET 2009



Even worst, this morning i found out that all the inserts of last night failed !! :(

#BBPTRIM_ENTER: memsize=1144385432,vmsize=1599613808
#BBPTRIM: memtarget=819717481 vmtarget=0
#BBPTRIM_EXIT: memsize=366265384,vmsize=1599605544
#BBPTRIM_ENTER: memsize=1173710640,vmsize=1628939016
#BBPTRIM: memtarget=849042689 vmtarget=0
#BBPTRIM_EXIT: memsize=366265384,vmsize=1628939016
#BBPTRIM_ENTER: memsize=1143635024,vmsize=1629665320
#BBPTRIM: memtarget=0 vmtarget=19052584
#BBPTRIM_EXIT: memsize=366265384,vmsize=1598862320
#BBPTRIM_ENTER: memsize=1143633968,vmsize=1645786120
#BBPTRIM: memtarget=0 vmtarget=35173384
#BBPTRIM_EXIT: memsize=366265384,vmsize=1645786120
#BBPTRIM_ENTER: memsize=1143633992,vmsize=1676588064
#BBPTRIM: memtarget=0 vmtarget=65975328
#BBPTRIM_EXIT: memsize=366265384,vmsize=1598862320
#BBPTRIM_ENTER: memsize=1143633944,vmsize=1613149168
#BBPTRIM: memtarget=0 vmtarget=2536432
#BBPTRIM_EXIT: memsize=366265384,vmsize=1582347224
#BBPTRIM_ENTER: memsize=1143633920,vmsize=1620095960
#BBPTRIM: memtarget=0 vmtarget=9483224
#BBPTRIM_EXIT: memsize=366265384,vmsize=1620095960
#GDKmmap(148111360) fail => BBPtrim(enter) usage[mem=1143633920,vm=1496757208]
#BBPTRIM_ENTER: memsize=1143633920,vmsize=1496757208
#BBPTRIM: memtarget=0 vmtarget=1073741824
#BBPTRIM_EXIT: memsize=366265384,vmsize=1496757208
#GDKmmap(148111360) fail => BBPtrim(ready) usage[mem=1143633920,vm=1496757208]
!ERROR: GDKload: cannot mmap(): name=32/3267, ext=theap
!OS: Cannot allocate memory
!ERROR: GDKload: failed name=32/3267, ext=theap

top - 10:00:34 up 249 days, 20:31,  4 users,  load average: 0.28, 0.12, 0.04
Tasks:  86 total,   1 running,  85 sleeping,   0 stopped,   0 zombie
Cpu(s):  0.0%us,  0.0%sy,  0.0%ni,100.0%id,  0.0%wa,  0.0%hi,  0.0%si,  0.0%st
Mem:   4025600k total,  3633228k used,   392372k free,   107544k buffers
Swap:  9502408k total,       92k used,  9502316k free,  1520104k cached

Is there anything to do to prevent this ? should the DB swap at all ?

De : Stefan de Konink <stefan at konink.de>
À : sylver_b <sylver_b at yahoo.com>
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Objet : Re: [Monetdb-developers] mclient running out of memory, crashing mserver5

sylver_b wrote:
> I don't think i'm running out of memory. I had to stop and restart mserver5, flush the table, then re-run the command - all the records were inserted. Also I noticed this type of messages on the mserver5 console when piping records through the mclient (over 1million records) . It seems that the mclient is quiet instable (cf my post about "COPY, terminating connection" few months ago).
>  So, is there a way to increase the memory limit  or make sure mserver5 won't crash when running bash inserts via a cron job ?

The only thing I was able to do against that; more swap for the job. And of course the standard stuff as loading CSV files, preferably no indices on the table you are loading huge amounts of data to.


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