[Monetdb-developers] mclient running out of memory, crashing mserver5

Stefan de Konink stefan at konink.de
Wed Jan 21 02:09:13 CET 2009

sylver_b wrote:
> I don't think i'm running out of memory. I had to stop and restart 
> mserver5, flush the table, then re-run the command - all the records 
> were inserted. Also I noticed this type of messages on the mserver5 
> console when piping records through the mclient (over 1million records) 
> . It seems that the mclient is quiet instable (cf my post about "COPY, 
> terminating connection" few months ago).
> So, is there a way to increase the memory limit  or make sure mserver5 
> won't crash when running bash inserts via a cron job ?

The only thing I was able to do against that; more swap for the job. And 
of course the standard stuff as loading CSV files, preferably no indices 
on the table you are loading huge amounts of data to.


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