[Monetdb-developers] MonetDB at Ohloh

Marcin Zukowski Marcin.Zukowski at cwi.nl
Sat Jan 3 20:05:58 CET 2009

>> I contacted the Ohloh team, and it seems the error occurs at the following 
>> command:
>> ~$ cvsnt -d :pserver:anonymous:@monetdb.cvs.sourceforge.net:/cvsroot/monetdb 
>> checkout -D'2001/06/07 13:41:21Z' -A -d'monetdb' 'sql'
>               ^^^!^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
> I would strongly recommend to use (only) the latest stable version, i.e,
> replace "-D'2001/06/07 13:41:21Z' -A" by "-rNov2008", or at the very least
> the current development version (CVS HEAD), i.e., omit "-D'2001/06/07
> 13:41:21Z'". Who cares about the version of "2001/06/07 13:41:21Z", anyway?
I think Ohloh is doing some intense code and commit analysis, and maybe it's 
trying to get all/some of the previous versions for some reason, no idea... 
Anyway, whatever it is, it seems like a bug in the CVS repository - it should 
never fail on a checkout, right?

Anyway, unless someone knows how to fix this, I'll just delete the 'sql' 
module from Ohloh...


> The file in question is no longer in use, and only remains in the CVS attic
> ...
> Stefan
>> cvs checkout: Updating monetdb
>> ...
>> cvs [checkout aborted]: invalid change text in 
>> /cvsroot/monetdb/sql/src/odbc/driver/Attic/statement_dump.c,v
>> If you think being properly visible on Ohloh is worth it, perhaps this is 
>> something some local CVS expert could investigate ;) Otherwise, we can remove 
>> the 'sql' module and hope the other ones work properly.
>> cheers,
>> Marcin
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