[Monetdb-developers] M4 Automatic multiplex version of .tostr: weird behavior

Lefteris lsidir at gmail.com
Sun Feb 1 13:03:43 CET 2009

The following behavior is strange to me, but I am not sure if it is a
bug or I have done something wrong.

dayTimeDuration (dtduration) is defined in mil as:

.ATOM dtduration = lng;
     .FROMSTR = dtduration_fromstr;
     .TOSTR = dtduration_tostr;

and in c as :
typedef long long dtduration;

also .tostr has the following sign.
int dtduration_tostr(str *buf, int *len, dtduration *val)

you can find all this in MonetDB4/src/modules/plain/monettime.mx

Now, if I do either:

I get the correct value printed. But if I create a BAT (void,str):
var a0006 := new (void,str).seqbase (0 at 0);

and do:
It gives back "PT0S", which means 0 duration, and thus the value of
*val in dtduration_tostr is 0 (I checked that).

So, could that be some bug with correct dealing of long values in the
multiplex creation (btw. where is that happening?) Or am I missing
some special case that I should take into consideration with long

Thank you,


P.S. yearMonthDuration which is defined as int works like a charm.

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