[Monetdb-developers] Another Python patch and Django Adapter [was: encoding of strings ...]

Gijs Molenaar gijs.molenaar at cwi.nl
Tue Dec 22 11:27:56 CET 2009

On 21 dec 2009, at 19:32, Stefan Manegold wrote:

> Hi Mark,
> thaks for all your patches!
> I guess Gijs will tkae care of also checking in this one.
> You are more than welcome to announce your Django adapter via
> monetdb-announce at lists.sourceforge.net and/or
> monetdb-users at lists.sourceforge.net.
> In case you message doesn't go through instantly (we keep posting access to
> our mailing list rather limited to prevent spam), we'll take care of
> approving (or resending) it.
> To run MonetDB tests, you also need to download/checkout, compile and
> install the "testing" package of MonetDB. This provides our "Mtest.py"
> testing tool.
> To run the python tests in .../clients/src/python/test/  you need to also
> have the sql sources of MonetDB.
> Go to
> 	.../sql/src/test/mapi/Tests/
> and run
> 	Mtest.py . python_test_monetdb_sql_dbapi20 python_test_monetdb_sql_capabilities

This is the MonetDB way of running the tests, you can also run the (unittest) tests directly with:

 * python capabilities_monetdb.py
 * python dbapi20_monetdb.py

from clients/src/python/test. This way you don't need the sql and monetdb sources. You can change the database port by setting the MAPIPORT environment variable, and the database by changing TSTDB. Username and password should be monetdb.

 - gijs

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