[Monetdb-developers] Data integrity bug

Carl Nobile carl.nobile at gmail.com
Sun Oct 5 03:53:36 CEST 2008

I think I have found a data integrity bug. After working with the DB for a
while I notice that the equals (=) operator no longer works, however, the
LIKE operator will still retrieve data. The only way I have found to solve
this issue is to rebuild the DB and import all the data. This is obviously
not a very good solution.

There is an application sitting on top of the DB that has been the cause of
this, but as you can see below mclient also gives the wrong results.
Bouncing the server does not fix it. You should know the only odd thing the
application does is dynamically add and drop columns to one of the
tables--the reason we are using MonetDB. This allows us to have an essential
flat 2nd normal form table with 4th normal form capabilities.

| USERNAME  |LAST_UPDT_CID |CREATE_DT                               |
| Carl                 |GVE                         |2008-10-04
20:47:54.275000 |

We are still in development of this project, but need to release our code in
a month or so. Any ideas what is going on here?

Carl J. Nobile (Software Engineer)
carl.nobile at gmail.com
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