[Monetdb-developers] Could not create hash table for key test

Stefan de Konink stefan at konink.de
Sun Nov 23 03:02:18 CET 2008

#BBPTRIM_ENTER: memsize=180224,vmsize=14397997056
#BBPTRIM: memtarget=0 vmtarget=0
#BBPTRIM_EXIT: memsize=20365312,vmsize=14397997056
#BBPTRIM_ENTER: memsize=2496368440,vmsize=16874000184
#BBPTRIM: memtarget=778092856 vmtarget=0
#BBPTRIM_EXIT: memsize=20365312,vmsize=10150287928

This one also doen't make me happy. The initial table that are inserted 
without a problem are of 19GB and 1GB.

The table that fails after it is 7GB.

Now obviously we are talking about a system that could use some more 
memory. But I don't really see why it is inserting 20GB without a 
problem, and then borks on the inserting of 7GB. A non string, table.


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