[Monetdb-developers] Transactions

Martin Kersten Martin.Kersten at cwi.nl
Thu Nov 13 23:01:36 CET 2008

Eric M. Hielscher wrote:
> Hi all,
> My name is Eric Hielscher, and I'm a PhD student working on a database
> project.  The goal will be to replace the transaction processing
> subsystem of a dbms, and I've decided to use MonetDB.  I've yet to
Hi Eric,

I first would like to point you to the scientific papers on MonetDB to 
get a rough
overview of the capabilities of the system, in particular, its focus on 
datawarehousing. The OLTP world is not the prime target for MonetDB.

Second, the transaction processing code is incorporated in the SQL 
based on logging and an optimistic concurrency control scheme. Scheduling is
opportunistic, there is no bound, nor order on how transactions are taken
into execution.
Replacing this part is hardly feasible without being prepared to delve 
in deeply
into the code base and with a clear objective being spelled out upfront.
Most likely it requires development of e.g. a traditional concurrency 
and a modification of the plan generation to include the proper calls to 

regards, Martin
> really look much at the source.  If anyone has the time, I'd
> appreciate some tips about where to look for:
> - The transaction processing code
> - The scheduling of transaction execution
> This is of course something I could do on my own, but would be more
> efficient if someone with expert knowledge could just quickly walk me
> through things.
> Thanks in advance,

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