[Monetdb-developers] Release schedule

Sjoerd Mullender sjoerd at acm.org
Tue Nov 4 20:33:23 CET 2008

Today we decided that we want to try to do releases more often and more 
regularly.  I have been appointed release manager for all upcoming releases.

I propose that we keep to the following schedule:

- Do a major (feature) release once every 4 months.
- Do a minor (bug fix) release once every month inbetween the major 

This should solve the problem that we get bug reports for problems in 
the release for bugs that were already fixed months ago but not yet 
released.  In the worst case the submitter has to wait a month for the 
fix, but usually of course much less than that.  It also solves the 
problem that developers always want to add just one more feature to the 
next release and thereby forcing the release to be postponed.  If a 
feature doesn't make it in a release, it will be released in four months 
time.  If users (and developers) had to wait years for this feature, 
they can wait a little longer.

I also propose to create a new stable branch right after releasing the 
last of the bug fix releases in a cycle.  This gives us one month to 
stabilize and test a new release.

This plan is effective as of now.

Sjoerd Mullender

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