[Monetdb-developers] Error in compilation of PF-ROX

Peter Boncz P.Boncz at cwi.nl
Thu May 29 01:41:19 CEST 2008

Hi Stefan, Riham

PF_ROX has the new indexing code, that Lefteris has tried to describe in his
recent paper. This code was only checked for correct operation from MIL in the
code generated by the pf-rox java program of Riham.

The correct operation of the new indexing code when activated automatically
from mps was not tested yet. It may well be the source of trouble. i will pick
this up once I have some time again (..).


Dear all,

I checked all (modified) files in the PF_ROX branch by hand, and all but
runtime/pathfinder.mx & runtime/pf_support.mx (this means in particular the
compiler/mil/milprint_summer.c I fixed the other day) are OK, i.e., they
contain all (intended) changes applied in the PF_ROX branch as well as all
chnages that were made on the development trunk since the creation of the
PF_ROX branch (and hence properly propagated).

For runtime/pathfinder.mx & runtime/pf_support.mx, I am not yet sure,
whether everything is OK. There have been numerous "interleaved" (and partly
"redundant" or "conflicting") changes both genuine on the PF_ROX branch and
propagated from the development trunk, and the (very tedious) analysis
requires more time than I could spent today.

More to come "soon", I hope ...

Unfortunately, while only 50 (100) tests fail in the new stable branch (and
in the development trunk), more than 500 tests seem to fail in the PF_ROX
branch --- also this requires "some" more ananlysis ...


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