[Monetdb-developers] blobs performance

Martin Kersten Martin.Kersten at cwi.nl
Sun Mar 30 08:40:34 CEST 2008

Dear Henrik

Thank you for your interest in MonetDB.
The context of your application is not evident from this short snippet
so the answers are likely to be general.

Henrik Vendelbo wrote:
> I am working through the options for clustered file management.
> Normally I would expect fairly poor performance of binary file storage  
Blob implementation in MonetDB is rather traditional, which means 
implemented as
binary strings in a table. For large binary files under the control of 
the DBMS I would
use the more common approach to use the DBMS as in meta-data manager only.

Exchange of large blobs, when time critical, would also best be done by 
sync across

> in a database. Hence I would favor using the file system, and sync
> across the machines in the cluster. Being quite different from common  
> relational implementations, how well does Monet handle blobs
> of 1-10Mb?
> As a side question is there a support for multi-master replication?
no replication middleware has been released. At the kernel level there 
are facilities
for remote query execution.
> The technology looks really impressive, I hope to be able to base my  
> future projects on MonetDB
> Thanks,
thanks, Martin
> Henrik
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