[Monetdb-developers] [PF] Question about timings

Keulen, M. van (Maurice) m.vankeulen at utwente.nl
Tue Mar 25 09:12:44 CET 2008


A student of mine is trying to speed up some queries and is puzzled 
about the timing-readings he gets, for example:

Trans   19681.811 msec
Shred       0.000 msec
Query   16384.143 msec
Print      81.180 msec
Timer   55087.438 msec

The total of the first four 19.7+0+16.4+0.08 is approximately 36.2 
seconds. "Timer" gives 55.1 seconds. Where are the remaining 18.9 
seconds going?

By the way, what do these measures precisely indicate? "Query", for 
example, can be interpreted as query compilation or query execution.


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