[Monetdb-developers] Experimental testweb history available

Martin Kersten Martin.Kersten at cwi.nl
Wed Mar 19 10:37:59 CET 2008

Fabian Groffen wrote:
> Hi all,
Thanks Fabian

I hope it is a source for inspiration and archival explorations.

The description should be added to the website documentation.

regards, Martin
> This is just to inform you all of a recently added "feature" (to both
> Stable and Current ;) ) in our beloved TestWeb.
> We added a "history" function to parts of TestWeb's output, which can
> come in handy if you're chasing pavem^Wbugs, or just interested in
> (since) when happened what.
> First off, a nice, nifty and sexy GUI is missing for sure, but who knows
> what the future will bring :D
> The MonetDB PermaStore (it is *not* powered by any MonetDB technology)
>   http://www.ins.cwi.nl/~monet/permastore/
>   At this URL you will find all the output of the compilation check
>   script, that some of you may already have been confronted with.  In
>   particular, here you can find per day the skeletons of the email
>   messages sent out, and the annotated HTML versions of the build logs.
>   Improvements in this area are low hanging fruit, but they just require
>   time.  Note that the aforementioned URL is still sort of experimental
>   only.
> The MonetDB TestWeb 30-day archive
>   http://monetdb.cwi.nl/testing/projects/monetdb/<branch>/<module>/.<thing>..<german_date>/
>   where <german_date> = yyyy.mm.dd
>   If you know what branch (Stable, Current), module (buildtools,
>   MonetDB, sql, ...) and thing (Makes3, Int.32.32.d-Fedora8, etc.)
>   should be then you can inspect the TestWeb output till 30 days back in
>   time.  Note that the full 30 days are not yet generated, so only
>   partially available.
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