[Monetdb-developers] Experimental testweb history available

Fabian Groffen Fabian.Groffen at cwi.nl
Wed Mar 19 10:23:43 CET 2008

Hi all,

This is just to inform you all of a recently added "feature" (to both
Stable and Current ;) ) in our beloved TestWeb.

We added a "history" function to parts of TestWeb's output, which can
come in handy if you're chasing pavem^Wbugs, or just interested in
(since) when happened what.

First off, a nice, nifty and sexy GUI is missing for sure, but who knows
what the future will bring :D

The MonetDB PermaStore (it is *not* powered by any MonetDB technology)
  At this URL you will find all the output of the compilation check
  script, that some of you may already have been confronted with.  In
  particular, here you can find per day the skeletons of the email
  messages sent out, and the annotated HTML versions of the build logs.
  Improvements in this area are low hanging fruit, but they just require
  time.  Note that the aforementioned URL is still sort of experimental

The MonetDB TestWeb 30-day archive
  where <german_date> = yyyy.mm.dd
  If you know what branch (Stable, Current), module (buildtools,
  MonetDB, sql, ...) and thing (Makes3, Int.32.32.d-Fedora8, etc.)
  should be then you can inspect the TestWeb output till 30 days back in
  time.  Note that the full 30 days are not yet generated, so only
  partially available.

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