[Monetdb-developers] tables/databases simultaneous updates & extended-stored-procedures

SOL ZADEH solzadeh at yahoo.com
Sat Jul 19 14:46:06 CEST 2008

Thanks Neils for your prompt reply.

Is there a quantified limitation on "insertions" on scenarios I mentioned below (multiple tables/database)?
I.e. Does very frequent insertions on 2 or more tables (on same database or other database on the same server) 
in any way effect the performance of the other queries (select,insert,update) on the "same" 
or "other" tables (i.e. is parallel processing possible & locking performance etc).

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On Fri, Jul 18, 2008 at 05:13:54PM -0700, SOL ZADEH wrote:
>    Hi
>    I have a couple of questions and really appreciate if any one
>    could answer them or instruct me to the relevant forum topics:
>    1-     what is the limitations (speed, threshold etc)  on
>    simultaneous tables /databases update  i.e. via multiple odbc
>    connection lets say  (also any other faster API to interface
>    with the MonetDB ?)
MonetDB research concentrated mostly in low update/high query loads. The
update implementation is still quite capable, but no reall performance 
experiments on updates have been conducted. Next to odbc we have
mapi and jdbc APIs available.
>    2-     Is there a way to have the triggers to generate
>    real-world (non-db) events i.e. similar to the Extended Stored
>    Procedure in SqlServer or the way Oracle allows you to run Java
>    code inside the stored procedures.
MonetDB can be extended using C-code and that code could be run within
the triggers.

>    Thanks

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