[Monetdb-developers] what about the jdbc driver ?

Jean-Paul Le Fèvre jean-paul.lefevre at cea.fr
Thu Jan 31 15:01:28 CET 2008


I'm unable to compile the jdbc driver : some Monet classes do not implement 
abstract methods. I've read a previous thread about this problem in the 
archive from april 2007. The cause of the problem seems to be the version of 
java I'm using (1.6). In my opinion jdk 1.5 is obsolete at this point and I 
no longer have this version on any of my machines.
I tried the installation of the MonetDB-Mars-SuperBall-SR5 tarball, then of 
the last snapshot available but without success.

Is there any already compiled jar files somewhere ?


Jean-Paul Le Fèvre  * Mail : LeFevre at fonteny.org

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