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Venks venkatesh.mantha at gmail.com
Tue Feb 19 19:38:04 CET 2008

I just installed the latest Windows 32 bit version of my laptop. When
I bring up the server I get the following message:

!WARNING: BBPdiskscan: unexpected file 10.buns, leaving bat.
# MonetDB server v5.4.0, based on kernel v1.22.0
# Serving database 'demo'
# Compiled for i686-pc-win32/32bit with 32bit OIDs dynamically linked
# Copyright (c) 1993-2008 CWI, all rights reserved
# Visit http://monetdb.cwi.nl/ for further information
#warning: please don't forget to set your vault key!
#(see C:\Program Files\CWI\MonetDB5\etc\monetdb5.conf)
!ERROR: GDKload: incompatible version 25105.
!ERROR: BBPgetdesc: deleting illegal bat(2) 2
!ERROR: GDKload: incompatible version 25105.
!ERROR: BBPgetdesc: deleting illegal bat(3) 3
!ERROR: GDKload: incompatible version 25105.
!ERROR: BBPgetdesc: deleting illegal bat(4) 4
#WARNING: LoaderException:loadLibrary:txtsim: file not found
!MALException:malInclude:could not open file: opt_replicator
!MALException:malInclude:could not open file: txtsim
!MALException:malInclude:could not open file: crackers
# Listening for connection requests on mapi:monetdb://
!MALException:malInclude:could not open file: sql_bpm
# MonetDB/SQL module v2.22.0 loaded
>!ERROR: BUNfnd: BAT required.

When I try to connect using "mclient -lsql" the connection gets
terminiated and the m5 crashes.

Looking forward to your replies.



On Feb 19, 2008 7:51 AM, Stefan Manegold <Stefan.Manegold at cwi.nl> wrote:
> The MonetDB team at CWI is pleased to announce the new "Feb2008" release of
> the MonetDB suite of programs.
> This release marks the roll forward of the binary storage layout to a single
> column storage layout.  This involved a major overhaul of the MonetDB Server
> code.
> The database format of this release is not compatible with that of any
> previous release.  Before installing this release, make a dump of your
> database, and do a restore afterwards.
> Further changes include:
> SQL:  The functional extensions to SQL are limited.  The mostly concern
> minor bugs and some of the optimizers have been improved to better exploit
> re-occurring joins.  The core cracker code has been cleaned up for better
> inspection and sharing in the community.
> XQuery:  Next to the original Pathfinder compiler (nick-named
> "milprint_summer" or simply "MPS"), the development of the new improved and
> enhanced Algebra-based Pathfinder compiler ("ALG") is progressing quickly.
> While the original MPS version remains the default in this release of
> MonetDB/XQuery, a preview of the new ALG version is now available without
> recompilation.
> JDBC & XRPC:  The Java code (JDBC driver & XRPC wrapper) has been moved from
> the clients and pathfinder source trees to a dedicated java source tree in
> CVS, which can simply be compiled using "ant".
> Apart from this, many bugs have been fixed, and many speed improvements have
> been made.  See
> http://monetdb.cwi.nl/Development/Releases/Version4.22/
> for more details.
> The new release consists of the following packages:
> MonetDB Common 1.22.0
> MonetDB Clients 1.22.0
> MonetDB4 Server 4.22.0
> MonetDB XQuery 0.22.0
> MonetDB5 Server 5.4.0
> MonetDB SQL 2.22.0
> monetdb-1.7-jdbc.jar
> There is of course also a new "Super Source Ball", a tarball containing the
> combined sources.
> All this is available on our SourceForge project page.  See
> https://sourceforge.net/project/showfiles.php?group_id=56967 for the
> downloadable files.
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