[Monetdb-developers] New MonetDB Release

Stefan Manegold Stefan.Manegold at cwi.nl
Tue Feb 19 13:51:24 CET 2008

The MonetDB team at CWI is pleased to announce the new "Feb2008" release of
the MonetDB suite of programs.

This release marks the roll forward of the binary storage layout to a single
column storage layout.  This involved a major overhaul of the MonetDB Server

The database format of this release is not compatible with that of any
previous release.  Before installing this release, make a dump of your
database, and do a restore afterwards.

Further changes include:

SQL:  The functional extensions to SQL are limited.  The mostly concern
minor bugs and some of the optimizers have been improved to better exploit
re-occurring joins.  The core cracker code has been cleaned up for better
inspection and sharing in the community.

XQuery:  Next to the original Pathfinder compiler (nick-named
"milprint_summer" or simply "MPS"), the development of the new improved and
enhanced Algebra-based Pathfinder compiler ("ALG") is progressing quickly.
While the original MPS version remains the default in this release of
MonetDB/XQuery, a preview of the new ALG version is now available without

JDBC & XRPC:  The Java code (JDBC driver & XRPC wrapper) has been moved from
the clients and pathfinder source trees to a dedicated java source tree in
CVS, which can simply be compiled using "ant".

Apart from this, many bugs have been fixed, and many speed improvements have
been made.  See
for more details.

The new release consists of the following packages:

MonetDB Common 1.22.0
MonetDB Clients 1.22.0
MonetDB4 Server 4.22.0
MonetDB XQuery 0.22.0
MonetDB5 Server 5.4.0
MonetDB SQL 2.22.0

There is of course also a new "Super Source Ball", a tarball containing the
combined sources.

All this is available on our SourceForge project page.  See
https://sourceforge.net/project/showfiles.php?group_id=56967 for the
downloadable files.

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