[Monetdb-developers] monetdb/SQL development plan

Marcin Zukowski Marcin.Zukowski at cwi.nl
Mon Feb 11 23:57:16 CET 2008

Hi Michael,

Thank you for your interest in MonetDB. Since I'm not involved with the 
core MonetDB development, I forward this email to the monetdb-developers 
list. I'm sure the guys over there will be able to help you.

All the best,

Michael Yang wrote:
> Hi Marcin,
> I saw that you're one of Peter's PhD students.  I just got introduced
> to MonetDB as a possible column-store solution for some time series I
> work with.  I'm in financial mathematics here at Princeton in the
> Operations Research department.
> I am a heavy user of MS SQL Server and I use aggregate ranking
> functions a lot - row_number(), rank(), etc.  Could you give me a
> rough estimate as to when MonetDB might add support for these
> functions - LEAD(), LAG(), and X() over (partition by ... order by
> ...).  I see that it's in the development plan, but will it take 1
> year?  1 month?  many years?
> Also, in the meantime is there a way you know to emulate these
> aggregate functions using local variables in monetdb?
> thanks,
> Michael Yang
> Princeton University Operations Research and Financial Engineering

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