[Monetdb-developers] RDF

Marco Antonelli M.Antonelli at cwi.nl
Wed Apr 9 15:56:13 CEST 2008

Hello Pieter,

I'm the master thesis student who started the SPARQL front-end for 
MonerDB this January.

Bellekens, P.A.E. ha scritto:
> Dear MonetDB developers,
> I have a question related to RDF.
> In you PDF online, I see that it is possible to import RDF in the MonetDB system, 
> although there is not much further information concerning RDF input.

may you send a link to the PDF?

> Could you please inform me a bit more about:
> - is it possible to upload RDF data?

Actually it is possible to import and export RDF in MonetDB, but this 
functionality will be under heavy development starting from the next week.
If you want to get a look at the code, the import-export functions are 
defined in MonetDB5/src/modules/mal/rdf.mx.
It is not compiled by default, to getting it compiled you have to modify 
the Makefile.ag file in the same directory, then run 'bootstrap', 
'configure', 'make' and 'make install'.

> - is there any kind of RDF specific querying?

Still not, the SPARQL compiler is under development too

> - is it possible to run MonetDB as a backend in a triple store like for example in Sesame?

Not at the moment, but MonetDB will be a backend for Sesame in the next 

> - is there any performance measuring done for RDF querying? 
> It is known that column stores have a good performance (c-store benchmarks) for RDF data as well...

Lefteris and Romulo can answer you on these topics more in detail than me
Anyway MonetDB/SQL performed well in querying RDF data :)

Best regards,
Marco Antonelli

> With kind regards,
> Pieter
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