[Monetdb-developers] RDF

Bellekens, P.A.E. P.A.E.Bellekens at TUE.nl
Wed Apr 9 12:53:48 CEST 2008

Dear MonetDB developers,

I have a question related to RDF.
In you PDF online, I see that it is possible to import RDF in the MonetDB system, 
although there is not much further information concerning RDF input.

Could you please inform me a bit more about:
- is it possible to upload RDF data?
- is there any kind of RDF specific querying?
- is it possible to run MonetDB as a backend in a triple store like for example in Sesame?
- is there any performance measuring done for RDF querying? 
It is known that column stores have a good performance (c-store benchmarks) for RDF data as well...

With kind regards,

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