[Monetdb-developers] Release preparations: Please refrain from checkins!

Stefan Manegold Stefan.Manegold at cwi.nl
Wed Sep 19 00:38:06 CEST 2007

Dear MonetDB developers,

thank you very much for your patience and cooperation!

Once you've read the IMPORTANT NOTES below,
you're free welcome to check in, again.

- Created "Stable" branches for the upcoming release:
        package      branch-name
        (on SourceForge)
        buildtools   MonetDB_1-20
        MonetDB      MonetDB_1-20
        clients      Clients_1-20
        MonetDB4     MonetDB_4-20
        MonetDB5     MonetDB_5-2
        pathfinder   XQuery_0-20
        sql          SQL_2-20
        template     MonetDB_1-20

        (CWI internally)
        TestTools    MonetDB_1-20
        monetweb     Stable_2007-09-18

- Increased version numbers and set configure details

As usually, as of NOW,
 a) ALL bug fixes (and ONLY those)
    MUST be checked in to the above release branches (and ONLY there)!
 b) ALL new features (and ONLY those)
    MUST be checked in to the development trunk (HEAD) (and ONLY there)!

(In case you need assistance please feel free to contact
 MonetDB-developers at lists.sourceforge.net .)

Until different notice, any propagation of bug-fixes from the release
branches to the respective development trunks will be controlled by Sjoerd,
only, i.e., noone else is supposed to do any propagation, unless Sjoerd
explicitly allowed such propagation. Obviously, Sjoerd may ask for
Propagation from the development trunks to the release branches does not
At CWI, all changes for the web site that are supposed to be put online with
the upcoming release must be checked in to the "Stable_2007-09-18" branch of

As of tomorrow morning (once nightly Stable testing has finished) this
branch will be used to build the pre-view web site on koala.

(Until the actual release, the life web site will remain being built from
the "Stable_Mars" branch of "monetweb".)


On Tue, Sep 18, 2007 at 04:33:01PM +0200, Stefan Manegold wrote:
> Dear MonetDB developers,
> Sjoerd and I are busy preparing for the upcoming release.
> The next step will be to create the new release branches.
> To ensure a smooth progress of the next step(s), and to avoid conflicts, we
> kindly ask you to
> 	refrain from ANY checkins to ANY MonetDB CVS repositories as of NOW
> until we notify you that checkins are allowed, again.
> Thank you very much for your cooperation!
> Stefan

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