[Monetdb-developers] PhD Thesis Steenhagen Optimization of object query languages

darabi at web.de darabi at web.de
Mon Oct 15 07:34:24 CEST 2007


sorry for this OT question.

I was reading the literature relevant to what I would
like to do and found the papers of H. Steenhagen.

A thesis is referenced very often which I could order
a dead-tree copy of. But that would probably take very

Title:   Optimization of object query languages
Author:  Hendrika Janna Steenhagen (1954-)
Year:    1995
Note:    Proefschrift Universiteit Twente
Met lit. opg., index. - Met een samenvatting in het Nederlands
ISBN:    90-9008745-1

Does anybody on the list have a digital copy of it
or knows where one is available?

Many thanks


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