[Monetdb-developers] clients on windows 32...

darabi at web.de darabi at web.de
Sat Oct 13 10:15:20 CEST 2007

> which version of MonetDB are you using, and how did you install it --- if I
> recall correctly from previous mails, you did install using the
> monetdb_install.sh script, right, and hence use the super source tarball?
> But which version?

MonetDB-Mars-SuperBall-SR3.tar.bz2. I have the impression that something
is wrong with the source tarball. 

> Further, a simple 
> 	mclient -l mal --help
> (with a running mserver5) will reveal whether readline support (and hence
> \h) is indeed enabled in your build of MonetDB.

Do you mean 'mclient -l mal -H' ?

Readline works as I mentioned:

> > However, readline functionality is present: Ctrl-p, Ctrl-n, Ctrl-a, Ctrl-e
> > all work correctly.

And the history is also saved correctly: I can get to the commands of
the last session with Ctrl-p.

> Finally, do other \* commands work?

\q does. \d doesn't:

$ mclient -l sql -d demo -H
MAPI  = monetdb at localhost:50000
QUERY = \d
ERROR = !unexpected symbol (\)

I would like to re-build. Which one would you recommend:

   --nightly=target  download and install a nightly snapshot of the stable
                     or current branch, target must be 'stable' or 'current'
   --cvs             checkout a CVS snapshot of the current branch



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