[Monetdb-developers] Simple bat operations

Kambiz Darabi darabi at m-creations.com
Thu Oct 11 19:55:22 CEST 2007

Hello Martin,

> >> However, I have found one solution to my problem; if I type the left 
> >> hand side, everything works:
> >>
> >> mal>b:bat[:int,:int] := bbp.bind("test");
> >>     
> yes that is necessary. In general the type of the bind can not be known.
> and MAL requires strongly typed instructions.

thank you for the information, but then, a question arises as how to
bootstrap the loading of BATs.

If the type information is necessary to be able to access the
bat, then

a) either one has to keep the type information of the BATs outside the database,

b) or there must be a way of storing the type information in other BATs

The type system doesn't seem to know a type 'type'. Is it possible to
convert e. g. the string "str" to the type :str ?

Something along these lines must be present, as it is necessary to
be able to store the DB schema, isn't it?

Thank you


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