[Monetdb-developers] Monetdb-developers Digest, Vol 17, Issue 6

Peter Boncz P.Boncz at cwi.nl
Thu Oct 11 09:53:31 CEST 2007

Dear Stefan,

Thanks for your question, but I regret to inform you that your way of
communicating technical problems severely falls short of what is required by
technical etiquette:

(1) ambiguous software version description: you cannot be running MonetDB4 and
MonetDB5 at the same time. Even more, I want to know the exact version number of
the software, whether it was a 32-bits or 64-bits build (and if so, whether it
used 64-bits or 32-bits oids).

(2) major omissions in your platform description. I presume you have installed
an operating system on your Xeon. Would you care to tell us which operating
system that is?

(3) ill-described reproduction path. Your bug report suggests being about
updates, but as far as I read your email, I doubt you did any updates yet. This
is again is crucial information.

Thus, my main answer is that you have to retry describing your problem, paying
better attention to the above three points.

The error you see is the "remap" call failing -- the most probable cause of
error is VM space shortage. For MonetDB to work on 20GB size datasets you must
use a 64-bits operating system and MonetDB binary, and may even 64-bits oids
(because your volume of text nodes is likely to be significant).

Peter Boncz

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