[Monetdb-developers] Object persistence using MonetDB

darabi at web.de darabi at web.de
Wed Oct 10 09:12:34 CEST 2007


I'm a developer located in Germany with a current interest in
object persistence for a dynamically typed language. 

I was experimenting with something along the lines of the 
decomposed storage model when I found out that it was (of course)
decades old and found the papers about it and MonetDB. 

Many thanks for your efforts and for this great piece of software.

I was reading the 1995 CWI report 'High Performance support for
OO traversals in monet' and was wondering whether the ideas
in it are still present in today's MonetDB. And if not, how
much effort would it take to implement OO persistence using
MAL. I would also appreciate any pointer to papers, code samples
etc. in this direction. 

If I understand correctly, in the beginning, MonetDB was rather
heading towards a OODBMS. Was there any reason why you didn't
pursue that goal? Is there any road block?

Thank you very much for your help.

Kambiz Darabi

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