[Monetdb-developers] "MonetDB Java" extracted from "MonetDB Clients"

Stefan Manegold Stefan.Manegold at cwi.nl
Wed Nov 28 22:31:33 CET 2007

Dear fellow MonetDB developers,

today, I separated MonetDB-related Java code from "MonetDB Clients"
into its own new "MonetDB Java" CVS module
(obviously in the "Current" development trunk only).

"MonetDB Java" compiles just like the remaining MonetDB-related code, and
requires buildtools only when compiled from CVS source.
"MonetDB Java" does not require any other MonetDB package.
No other MonetDB package requires "MonetDB Java".
Hence, "MonetDB Java" can be built independently of the other MonetDB

Background & Details:

To allow implementation of versioning-, packaging-, & release-schemes for
MonetDB'\''s Java/JDBC Support & Interface that are decoupled from the
respective schemes used for the (mainly C-based) remainder of the MonetDB
product family,
I implemented a move of the code from "clients/src/java/" into "java/", a
new separate CVS module for "MonetDB Java".

It comes with all the infrastructure of the usual MonetDB building process
(stripped-down, though, to the limited requirements), including
`./bootstrap`, `configure`, `make`, `make check`, `sh RunMtest`, `make
dist`, `make rpm`, `make install`, & .`Mtest.py -rq`.
Version number maintenance within "java/" is done exclusively by
java/version.sh, no vertoo involved, here.

To build, the new "MonetDB Java" requires only the buildtools (and that only
when building straight from CVS).
To run `make check` and/or `Mtest.py -rq`, Mtest.py from MonetDB Common must
be available in the PATH, though.
sql and pathfinder now check for the availability of MonetDB Java before
running their Java/JDBC tests.

On the live web site, the related Current-TestWeb pages have been updated.
Updating the build documentation in the development web site still has to be

`make rpm` requesting "noarch" does not work, yet.


The "xrpcwrapper" Java code from pathfinder/src/tools/java/ should also be
moved into the new "MonetDB Java" package.
(Note, though, that "MonetDB Java" currently requires Java >= 1.4 & < 1.6,
 while "xrpcwrapper" requires Java >= 1.5 .)


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