[Monetdb-developers] MAPI wire protocol?

Tim Gebhardt tim at gebhardtcomputing.com
Wed Nov 7 03:48:42 CET 2007


I'm working on a C#/.NET client library to connect to a MonetDB server.
I've mapped most of the libMapi.dll api calls so that I can call the C
library from .NET but this presents a few problems:

1. There's a performance penalty to interface native code libraries to .NET
2. There's a lot of overhead of marshaling UTF8 strings between .NET and the
C library, and potential problems with NULL parameters.
3. There's a portability problem with using the native libraries (trouble
deploying to the Mono runtime)

I think the client library would be better off implementing the MAPI wire
protocol rather than interfacing with the C library, but I cannot find any
documents that detail the protocol.  Is there somewhere this is published,
or did I just not Google the right stuff?

Also if anyone is interested in giving me a hand you can find the Google
Code workspace of the aforementioned project at this link:

-Tim Gebhardt
tim at gebhardtcomputing.com
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