[Monetdb-developers] [Monetdb-pf-checkins] pathfinder/src/tools/java build.properties, XQuery_0-20,,

Fabian Groffen Fabian.Groffen at cwi.nl
Thu Nov 1 12:30:31 CET 2007

On 01-11-2007 10:48:18 +0000, Ying Zhang wrote:
> Update of /cvsroot/monetdb/pathfinder/src/tools/java
> In directory sc8-pr-cvs16.sourceforge.net:/tmp/cvs-serv5671
> Modified Files:
>       Tag: XQuery_0-20
> 	build.properties 
> Log Message:
> Corrected value of the "compiler" attribute of <javac>
>  # which Java compiler to use, default: javac
> -build_compiler=javac
> +build_compiler=javac1.5

While the comment doesn't reflect a valid state here, this isn't too
flexible.  Why don't you just drop the whole build_compiler variable you
introduced, and use the completely transparent and well supported and
usually expected build.compiler variable only once you really want to
control what compiler is being used, as I suggested to you earlier?

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