[Monetdb-developers] MonetDB Release Preparation

Martin Kersten Martin.Kersten at cwi.nl
Tue May 29 22:31:40 CEST 2007

Dear fellow MonetDB developers/users,

we plan to have a new release of the MonetDB software family within the next
two weeks, i.e.,

	Feature Freeze: Friday Jun 01 2007
	Release:        Monday Jun 11 2007

This release cycle is used to reduce the component dependencies,
such that we are better prepared to release individual components
more frequently.

A synopsis of what to expect:
MonetDB 5 beta status is dropped and it becomes the sole back-end
for the SQL front-end. SQL now supports Persistent Stored Modules.

XQuery Update Facility has undergone a large series of stress tests
to improve correctness, performance and robustness against concurrent

Many bug-fixes based on highly appreciated feedback from our
user community.

The priorities set for post-release actions as agreed upon
by the development team are:
     SQL GIS geometry model testing and release
     SQL/XML support development and release
     PF/SQL exploration (research focus)
     Skyserver demo website (target 2.7TB online demo)

  midterm: (fall)
     Remote SQL execution in a cluster setting
     SQL adaptive partitioning of large databases
     XQuery Algebra -> MIL compiler
     Date/time support in XQuery
     MonetDB Private BATs policy (kernel modification)

  lngterm: (fall/spring)
     XQuery Algebra -> MAL compiler
     public release of StreetTivo for collaborative media analysis

Of course, as always, progress in each of these areas depend
on availability of resources and their contribution to our research

We are looking forward to messages from projects based on/exploitation
of the MonetDB platform. We plan to add a section in the website
to make this work more broadly visible.

regards, Martin

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