[Monetdb-developers] Mapi slowdown with Java + Linux (4.6.2!)

Fabian Groffen Fabian.Groffen at cwi.nl
Mon Mar 26 20:59:27 CEST 2007

Hi Augustin!

On 26-03-2007 14:49:32 -0400, Agustin Schapira wrote:
> The next step will be to follow the code in the JDBC driver and use  
> some of its ideas to parse the results of the MIL commands that  
> Proximity sends to the server. I read about a much improved protocol  
> with special header lines that indicate the rowcount of the result,  
> columncount, etc. Is that only available for SQL, or does it work  
> with plain MIL as well?

I'm working on re-factoring the JDBC code, to turn it into a library of
utility classes and the JDBC driver that uses those utilities to encode
the JDBC specific logic on top of the communication protocol.
It might be worth for you to keep this in mind when looking somewhat
closer at it.  I cannot say anything about when it will be finished, but
it probably gives you the tools to simply do what you want without
hacking too mych protocol specific code yourself.  That would also
guarantee you to have a painless migration to newer protocol versions as
the APIs hopefully stay the same.

> PS: The installation from the new sources worked without a problem on  
> three different platforms, with a single command, and very fast. It  
> was very impressive!

I suppose you used the monetdb-install.sh script or similar when you
refer to "a single command"?  Are there any platforms there that we
don't test on?  It is always good to know what platforms it is working

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