[Monetdb-developers] PfTijah & release

Henning Rode h.rode at cs.utwente.nl
Mon Jan 22 09:32:42 CET 2007

of course, we would like to be included in the binary packages. so we
thought about negative consequences this might have for the rest of you...
main point would be compilation on other machines. for the current
version this looks good now (thanks to stefan). so, we don't see
problems for this release. only for future ongoing development it might
be handy again to have this switch.
the only runtime overhead is loading the pf/tijah module per default in

best -jan & henning

Stefan Manegold wrote:
> Dear all,
> with PfTiah in the release, we shoudl consider enabling it by default, i.e.,
> not requiring --enable-pftijah --- otherwise it will not be in the binary
> packages ...
> Comments? Opinions?
> Stefan

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