[Monetdb-developers] strange Mtest + Mapi problem

Jan Flokstra flokstra at cs.utwente.nl
Thu Jan 18 11:01:48 CET 2007

Hi All,

We are experiencing module problems during XQUERY Mapi execution with Mtest
which we do not know how to solve. The problem is the Mserver does not know
any command from the pftijah module which is already loaded en executing
commands. Executing the same query through the mil interface of Mtest works
correct. Execution through the MapiClient also works correct but execution      
through the Mapi interface with Mtest fails.
Our XQUERY query containing pftijah functions is translated by 
'milprint_summer'to a MIL script containing a call to run_tijah_query() which 
is in module(pftijah). This script is executed and the run_tijah_query() 
function  is executed. This function in its turn generates a new MIL script 
where the  first line is 'module(pftijah);'. When we execute this script this 
script does not kown any command from module(pftijah). It does however know 
functions from module(pathfinder). And this all happens in the Mtest/Mapi 
setting. In all other settings it works OK but here it fails!
Anybody any ideas??

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