[Monetdb-developers] M5 conf file....

Romulo Goncalves R.A.Goncalves at cwi.nl
Wed Jan 17 14:12:41 CET 2007

Fabian Groffen wrote:
> On 17-01-2007 13:48:59 +0100, Romulo Goncalves wrote:
>> Romulo Goncalves wrote:
>>> Dear developers,
>>> The M5 is now in source forge with the name MonetDB5.
>>> It would be nice to have MonetDB5.conf instead of monet5.conf
>> instead of monetdb5.conf
> A convention in the UNIX/Linux world is to use lowercase.  I'd like to
> stick to that convention.  It is my wish that all MonetDB "instances"
> get replaced by monetdb some day, such that you end up with paths like
> /var/lib/monetdb/, /var/log/monetdb/, etc.
If this change will happen then I will agree with monetdb5.conf
I want to have the conf and my paths with the name of the package.
It could have been done before the move to source forge, we just lost a 
good opportunity.


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