[Monetdb-developers] [Fabian.Groffen at cwi.nl: Re: [Monetdb-checkins] clients/src/odbc/samples/Tests All, 1.1, NONE odbcsample1.SQL, 1.1, NONE odbcsample1.SQL.bat, 1.1, NONE?odbcsample1.stable.err, 1.1, NONE odbcsample1.stable.out, 1.1, NONE]

Fabian Groffen Fabian.Groffen at cwi.nl
Fri Jan 12 13:48:19 CET 2007

On 12-01-2007 13:46:25 +0100, Stefan Manegold wrote:
> test are fixed (working w/o ant).

Great, then maybe now you can consider the effect of what you've just

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