[Monetdb-developers] Experiences with the new setup

Jan Rittinger rittinge at in.tum.de
Tue Jan 2 11:34:10 CET 2007

On 01/02/2007 11:11 AM, Fabian Groffen wrote with possible deletions:
> (I assume you have the appropriate permissions to write into the default
> prefix, which should be /usr/local in autoconf world, but on SuSE, you
> never know...)

Sorry I forgot to mention that I also sourced conf/conf.bash which in my 
understanding sets the prefix to <dir>/<system> (in my case to e.g. 

> Setting an LD_LIBRARY_PATH like this should not be necessary, as your
> runtime linker has this in its default path.  Besides setting
> LD_LIBRARY_PATH is considered harmful, it also shouldn't be necessary as
> rpath directions are given in the compilation process.

so why does Mserver does *not* find its libraries (if I read your 
comment as: Mserver should now all its basic stuff)?

> It looks like it cannot find the MonetDB.conf file.  Have you tried
> --config=path/to/your/MonetDB.conf ?

I did nothing different than with my old setup. May it be that the 
default configuration is different with the new setup.

Mserver --config=/local_tmp/try_new/MonetDB4/Linux/conf/MonetDB.conf

> Based on these paths, I get the impression you did want to use --prefix,
> but didn't, hence MonetDB looking for things in the wrong place.

see my note with source conf/conf.bash above :)

> Try with a right prefix, or if you don't want/need it, check why the
> MonetDB.conf file isn't found.

They are located in the following two directories (which is the 
equivalent directory as in my old setup):

> bootstrap
> configure --prefix=/where/you/want/it
> make
> make install
> works fine here.  It might be that the default path is kind of b0rk3ned,
> though, so it's a good idea to set the prefix anyway.

Thanks for your advice. I just thought that MonetDB should also work 
(out of the box) on other circumstances where there is no common install 
directory (and wanted to make you aware that this is not true anymore).


Jan Rittinger
Database Systems
Technische Universität München (Germany)

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