[Monetdb-developers] trying to use monetdb pathfinder

p.a.boncz p.a.boncz at chello.nl
Fri Feb 9 10:11:48 CET 2007

Dear Martijn (et al.)

I am currently working on the documentation that describes all the new
XQuery functionality (updates, xrpc, collections, node-ids) . I expect it to
come online next week -- I will announce it here on the mailing lists.

We are also working on a 64-bits windows build, and we have found a number
of bugs. Therefore, in I expect a new minor (bug-fix) release to appear
soon, i.e. in the scope of two weeks. So, bugs that are reported now might
well get fixed very soon. So please report them.

I do recognize that it is hard to test functionality that is not documented,
- but please bear with me for a couple of days more.



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