[Monetdb-developers] trying to use monetdb pathfinder

Martin Kersten Martin.Kersten at cwi.nl
Thu Feb 8 22:58:09 CET 2007

Stefan Manegold wrote:

>>> per day (25 is we skip lunch) ...
>> I know I know, but still...
please, respect Stefan's supper.

> I agree that we should add the documentation for our XQuery document
> management extensions ASAP ...
> (but documenting first and implementing then is also no good option...)
The responsibility for the XQuery documentation lies with Peter,
and those directly responsible for the XQuery toolset development.

Peter announced several weeks ago that he would take care of the
current XQuery documentation on the web-site, but as his checkins
show, stability comes before documentation, let alone giving the
product to users living at the edge.

Perhaps Peter can give you better advice (and concurrently document ;-))

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