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Stefan Manegold Stefan.Manegold at cwi.nl
Thu Feb 8 22:20:14 CET 2007

On Thu, Feb 08, 2007 at 10:07:13PM +0100, Arjen P. de Vries wrote:
> Another question - regarding the read-write vs. read-only mode:
> * Can I only turn on read-write mode by giving a % of free pages to 
> pf:add-doc?

AFAIK, read-write mode is only activated by loading/shredding documents (via
pf:add-doc() in XQuery or shred_doc() in MIL) with a fre % > 0.

> * What is the recommended %; and, does it hurt to give 0% if I do 
> append-only?

I cannot give any qualified recoomendation about the "optimal" %, yet(?);
most probably depends on your expected workload;
10% seems a "nice" value to start with...

0% measn read-only; hence (AFAIK) also no appends are allowed/possible.

> >> It is not mentioned on the web, and I cannot even find a test using
> >> pf:add-doc... maybe I am looking in the wrong place for documentation?
> >
> >more documentation is pending --- please bear with us, also we have only 
> >24h
> >per day (25 is we skip lunch) ...
> I know I know, but still...
> maybe to document first, and to deprecate second would be a better
> order of processing things over (no matter how limited) time!

As said, shred_doc() in MIL does still work (and should be functionally
equivalent to pf:add-doc() in XQuery --- AFAIK, they use the very same

shred_doc() is "deprecated" as we plan to encourage users to stay in the
XQuery domain, only, also for document management (instead of falling back
to MIL for that) --- since W3C has not (yet?) specified any "real" document
management functionality in XQuery (except from say fn:doc() and
fn:collection()) we invented our own pf:add-doc() and pf:del-doc().

(shred_doc() is btw. documented see `help("shred_doc()");` and/or my
previous posting on this thread.)

I agree that we should add the documentation for our XQuery document
management extensions ASAP ...
(but documenting first and implementing then is also no good option...)


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